African Christian Fellowship, Minnesota

The African Christian Fellowship would like to thank everyone who attended or supported the 2014 Easter Retreat. Nearly 150 brothers and sisters have come together to build our community, reconnect with the continent, build bridges and pass the legacy. This event would not have been possible without your labor, prayers and financial support. We appreciate You!



Due to ongoing work on site, our temporary place of meeting is, until further notice, as follow:
Christ Church International - 3015 13th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55407



African Christian Fellowship (ACF) is an interdenominational Christian organization committed to being a thriving Christian Community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion. ACF has grown to over fifty (50) chapters located in several states of the United States.

The ACF, Minnesota chapter was founded in 1982. We function as an organization of African Christians in the Diaspora, who through fellowship strive to create better societies both where we reside and in the continent of Africa. ACF Minnesota seeks to facilitate unity amongst African Christians of all denominations, build bridges between Africans in Minnesota and people around the world.

Our Focus

  • Promote Christian fellowship and worship
  • Mobilize African Christians for effective Godly living
  • Work together with other Christian groups to support Africa through mission and evangelistic activities, prayer, and financial support
  • Be involved in areas of social concern such as:
    • Helping newly arrived Africans to get familiarized with their new environment
    • Encourage all members to actively participate in their local churches
    • Provide counseling and financial support whenever possible

ACF is not a church; we are a fellowship of believers (Africans and non-Africans) where each member is strongly encouraged to find a church home, and to be an active contributing member of that local Church body.

Our Meeting Times
The fellowship meets on fridays.

Our meetings are 6:30 pm to 8:00pm

Easter Retreat: April 18-20, 2014 at Lake Wappogassett, WI